The Marx Brothers


I had to be one of the corniest kids of the '80s. I have always loved old movies, especially the funny ones like the Marx Brothers starred in. I remember thinking for years that Harpo was deaf or mute. That was before I learned his silence was by choice and reserved for the silver screen and stage. In real life, his voice was quite pleasant.

Marx Brothers 5 Best Movies of All Time

Here's a video of the famous Marx Brothers mirror scene from their movie, 'Duck Soup':

Best Disney Animated Feature Films

I grew up on Disney movies like so many others. I remember anxiously anticipating the weekends when Disney movies were shown on TV. Grabbing a pillow and blanket; cozying up on the floor in front of the television set.

Growing up, my favorites were 'Cinderella,' Snow White' and 'Sleeping Beauty.' Today, I have a whole slew of Disney favorites. I'm almost as bad as my kids when it comes to a good Disney movie. While my children are older and probably less appreciative of these classic movies, movies like Cinderella never fail to remind me of days gone by. And now Disney has released it's 50th animated feature film, 'Tangled.' I can't wait to see it!

Take a look at how 'Tangled' was created:

Three Tales of Hollywood Scandal of the '30s and '40s

Actor Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was second only to Charlie Chaplin who he mentored. Arbuckle had signed a three-year deal with Paramount for $1 million, making him the highest paid star of the time.

Arbuckle had a lot going for himself and there is no telling how far he would have gone if it hadn't been for one fateful night on Labor Day 1921 that landed the actor in the middle of what would be Hollywood's first major scandal... [Read More at Yahoo! Contributor Network]

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle:

Olive Thomas:

Clara Bow:

Sacha Baron Cohen to Star as Freddie Mercury in New Movie


Freddie Mercury: The Definitive BiographyQueen fans rejoice! After a lot of speculation as to who would star in the biopic movie about flamboyant Queen front man Freddie Mercury, a press release on Queen Online states Golden Globe award winning actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who was also nominated for an Academy Award for his adaptation of "Borat", has been cast in the starring role. No worries. This will be a serious role and Cohen may very well pull it off without a hitch...[Read More]

Freddie Mercury: Biography of a Rock Legend

Freddie MercuryBefore he was an international rock legend, Queen front man Freddie Mercury was simply Farrokh Bulsara, the son of a government accountant; a boy who would grow up to become one of the most recognized musicians in the world --a rock legend...[Read More]

Tupac Shakur: Death of a Gangster Rapper

Greatest HitsTupac Shakur's death at the age of 25 rocked the hip-hop world, shaking it all the way down to its core and left fans questioning why one of gangster or 'gangsta' rap's biggest stars was cut down in his prime in a senseless act of violence. After all, this was Tupac. This wasn't supposed to happen...[Read More]

Tila Tequila Attacked by Juggalos


Friday just wasn't Tila Tequila's day. When she took to the stage at the recent Gathering of the Juggalos in Cave-In-Rock, IL., members of the audience began throwing bottles, rocks, and feces from a port-o-potty at her. Take a look at this video. Tila obviously tried to stick it out but she should have gotten the hell out of Dodge when it started.

'Juggalos' Attack Tila Tequila at Gathering of the Juggalos in Illinois - Associated Content article

Circle Contact Lenses: What's up with that?


I've seen many strange fads make their way across the country. In the '80s, there was the Valley Girl craze. Girls - myself included - talked like Valley Girl's, dressed like Valley Girl's, ate like Valley Girls (cold pizza and Pepsi for breakfast anyone?), and we even bought Moon Unit Zappa's Valley Girl book just so we would get it right. We considered it the holy grail of Valley Girlism. 

Parachute pants? I was all over that and, darnit, I looked great in them. 

I'm usually all for self expression until something comes along that has the potential for causing damage, and that's exactly what could happen if you are wearing circle contact lenses. Lady Gaga somehow managed to popularize the craze among young girls. I like to think it was unintentional, but Gaga should know by now that whatever she does, fans will follow her lead. These bad boys could cause you to go blind, and who wants to go blind so young?

For more information: Circle Contact Lenses Popular but Pose Risk to Eyes


Vampires & Zombies, Oh My!


Tamara Waters, an Associated Content Contributor, has a knack for writing about vampires and zombies. Her articles are entertaining and humorous. Tamara also writes weekly recaps of the hit series "True Blood" (which I had the pleasure of viewing last night for the first time) and if you need any home improvement tips or craft ideas, she writes about those too! 


The Very Best of Hollywood's Golden Age: The Wizard of Oz and The Ten Commandments


Of all the movies I grew up watching, there are two high up on my list of favorites that continue to fascinate me to this day - The Wizard of Oz and The Ten Commandments... Read More

Best Animated Children's Movies: From Disney To Dreamworks


There are many animated children's movies out there, but not all of them are good movies. As parents, we want movies that captivate our children and we look for children's animated movies that are entertaining.



Best Silent Movie Stars: Unforgettable Legends of the Silver Screen

Real movie lovers don't limit themselves to those movies made in the present. True movie lovers have their roots in the history and beginnings of the magic that is movies and the stars that shined brightly to bring those characters we love to life.

For me, my love of movies and a new perspective of them began when I was all of eight-years-old. My grandfather and I spent our Saturday mornings watching old movies on WGN. That was the cool thing about having cable television - old movies.


Charlie Chaplin - The Classic Collection (Enhanced)  TCM Archives - The Laurel and Hardy Collection (The Devil's Brother / Bonnie Scotland)

Four Saddest Dog Deaths in Movies

Have you ever watched a movie so sad that you find tears streaming down your face? I'm not talking about the sad movies involving the death of a person. I'm talking about movies involving the death of man's best friend.


Top Five Classic Gangster Movies

What is it about gangster movies that we love so much? The life of a gangster is far from romantic, yet they seduce us and draw us in like moths to a flame. They captivate us and make us think about how cool it would beto be a mobster, the wife of a mobster, or the mistress of a mobster - at least while we are in fantasyland watching them.

Notorious Celebrity Deaths: Unsolved Cases of Murder, Suicide

 Celebrity deaths always have a way of grabbing our attention. In recent years, more celebrities are dying from accidental overdoses than from murder. But there has been a time in our history where celebrities have been murdered, some extremely violently. You might say their killers committed the perfect crime because after many decades, their murders have remained unsolved.


   Celebrity Murders and Other Nefarious Deeds

My Favorite Associated Content Writers


During my time writing at Associated Content, I've come across many prolific writers and I wanted to share them with you. These writers know what they're talking about and have been very helpful. I'll be adding to this list as I can:

Linda Cole
Marie Anne St. Jean
Lyn Lomasi
Angie Mohr
Faith Draper
Nina Rotz
R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen

Visit their profile page for some very interesting and informative reads.  I'll be adding more links to my favorite Associated Content Contributors as time permits.

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