Vampires & Zombies, Oh My!


Tamara Waters, an Associated Content Contributor, has a knack for writing about vampires and zombies. Her articles are entertaining and humorous. Tamara also writes weekly recaps of the hit series "True Blood" (which I had the pleasure of viewing last night for the first time) and if you need any home improvement tips or craft ideas, she writes about those too! 


The Very Best of Hollywood's Golden Age: The Wizard of Oz and The Ten Commandments


Of all the movies I grew up watching, there are two high up on my list of favorites that continue to fascinate me to this day - The Wizard of Oz and The Ten Commandments... Read More

Best Animated Children's Movies: From Disney To Dreamworks


There are many animated children's movies out there, but not all of them are good movies. As parents, we want movies that captivate our children and we look for children's animated movies that are entertaining.



Best Silent Movie Stars: Unforgettable Legends of the Silver Screen

Real movie lovers don't limit themselves to those movies made in the present. True movie lovers have their roots in the history and beginnings of the magic that is movies and the stars that shined brightly to bring those characters we love to life.

For me, my love of movies and a new perspective of them began when I was all of eight-years-old. My grandfather and I spent our Saturday mornings watching old movies on WGN. That was the cool thing about having cable television - old movies.


Charlie Chaplin - The Classic Collection (Enhanced)  TCM Archives - The Laurel and Hardy Collection (The Devil's Brother / Bonnie Scotland)

Four Saddest Dog Deaths in Movies

Have you ever watched a movie so sad that you find tears streaming down your face? I'm not talking about the sad movies involving the death of a person. I'm talking about movies involving the death of man's best friend.


Top Five Classic Gangster Movies

What is it about gangster movies that we love so much? The life of a gangster is far from romantic, yet they seduce us and draw us in like moths to a flame. They captivate us and make us think about how cool it would beto be a mobster, the wife of a mobster, or the mistress of a mobster - at least while we are in fantasyland watching them.

Notorious Celebrity Deaths: Unsolved Cases of Murder, Suicide

 Celebrity deaths always have a way of grabbing our attention. In recent years, more celebrities are dying from accidental overdoses than from murder. But there has been a time in our history where celebrities have been murdered, some extremely violently. You might say their killers committed the perfect crime because after many decades, their murders have remained unsolved.


   Celebrity Murders and Other Nefarious Deeds