The Marx Brothers


I had to be one of the corniest kids of the '80s. I have always loved old movies, especially the funny ones like the Marx Brothers starred in. I remember thinking for years that Harpo was deaf or mute. That was before I learned his silence was by choice and reserved for the silver screen and stage. In real life, his voice was quite pleasant.

Marx Brothers 5 Best Movies of All Time

Here's a video of the famous Marx Brothers mirror scene from their movie, 'Duck Soup':

Best Disney Animated Feature Films

I grew up on Disney movies like so many others. I remember anxiously anticipating the weekends when Disney movies were shown on TV. Grabbing a pillow and blanket; cozying up on the floor in front of the television set.

Growing up, my favorites were 'Cinderella,' Snow White' and 'Sleeping Beauty.' Today, I have a whole slew of Disney favorites. I'm almost as bad as my kids when it comes to a good Disney movie. While my children are older and probably less appreciative of these classic movies, movies like Cinderella never fail to remind me of days gone by. And now Disney has released it's 50th animated feature film, 'Tangled.' I can't wait to see it!

Take a look at how 'Tangled' was created:

Three Tales of Hollywood Scandal of the '30s and '40s

Actor Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was second only to Charlie Chaplin who he mentored. Arbuckle had signed a three-year deal with Paramount for $1 million, making him the highest paid star of the time.

Arbuckle had a lot going for himself and there is no telling how far he would have gone if it hadn't been for one fateful night on Labor Day 1921 that landed the actor in the middle of what would be Hollywood's first major scandal... [Read More at Yahoo! Contributor Network]

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle:

Olive Thomas:

Clara Bow: