Josh Gates Appears on Ghost Hunters


Content by Mitch Osborne

I watch Ghost Hunters every week. My favorite cameo appearance on this show is when Josh Gate appears. Josh Gates stars in his own show, Destination Truth. I watch both on my DirectTV HD channels in Utah where I can get the SYFY channel. Josh adds a new face to the show but I would tire of the show if he were on all the time.

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are the stars of Ghost Hunters and each week they travel with their team around the country investigating famous haunted places throughout America.

Josh Gates was the host of their show when Jason, Grant and team traveled to San Francisco to investigate! the Ghosts of the infamous prison in the middle of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz. Josh hosted this Ghost Hunters special and helped the team investigate the famous prison. In all, Josh did a good job of reporting. In fact, he does a better job as reporter than an investigator. Perhaps he has a place with some news team somewhere. Like his show, Destination Truth, Josh gets too melodramatic during the investigation. I could not stand watching Ghost Hunters every week with Josh. Grant and Jason are nice and laid back and they do not get all flustered at every sound made like Josh. If Josh does not watch out, he will have a heart attack or ulcers by the time he is in his fifties.